Easy handling

Impressum Plus guides you through the entire process of creating your imprint and privacy policy, and helps on what content to fill in or what questions to answer.

This makes the complex legal topic of imprint and data protection child’s play and is successfully completed within a few minutes.

Full block editor support

Impressum Plus is fully compatible with the block editor in WordPress. For the output of imprint and privacy policy it provides specially created blocks. Thereby the imprint block is adjustable whether the field titles should also be output and which fields should be output at all.

For all those who do not use the block editor, Impressum Plus also comes with corresponding shortcodes that offer the same range of functions.

Extensive API

For all those who maintain several websites with imprint and privacy policy and need the same content everywhere, the API of Impressum Plus can be very helpful. But also if you have the data in an external system and want to play it out automatically on your own website.

Through the extensive API, content can be synchronized on multiple websites. Also external systems can be connected, as long as a REST API is supported there.

More features

Many supported services

The privacy policy generator supports a wide amount of services. The current list can be found here:

Multisite templates

If you use a WordPress multisite, you can save your imprint and privacy policy as a network-wide template and output them identically on every site within your multisite. At the same time, you can also customize the content on individual sites, partially or completely.

Easy updates

It is important to us that you are always up-to-date. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into making it as easy as possible for you to install updates. With success! You won’t notice any difference between updates between ours and those found in the WordPress plugin repository. You can easily install new versions via the backend as well as via WP-CLI.

Customizing options

If you don’t like the output, if you would like to have different texts in the privacy policy, or if you generally need functions that have not yet made it into Impressum Plus, then you also have the option to make adjustments yourself. Using a variety of filters, you can influence practically everything that Impressum Plus does.